4-Wheel Easy Milk Mixer

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Our Easy Milk Mixer including 220 volt mixing motor allows you to prepare and carry powdered milk quickly and easily.

The benefits of the Easy Milk Mixer:
• A sound design
• Comfortable and easy to move
• Retains warmth for a long time
• The barrel has a large sealable filler opening
• 40 mm spout
• Easy to clean

Makes mixing and carrying milk really easy!
This milk mixer makes preparing powdered milk very easy. Fill the barrel with the required amount of water (at a temperature of approx. 45 degrees). Weigh the powder, switch on the mixer and add the milk powder. Mixing for 1 or 2 minutes will suffice to make the milk ready to feed.
This mixer also allows for carrying and warming cow’s milk. To warm the milk we use a milk warmer that can be suspended from the paddles in the lid using a cross-rod. The milk warmer is equipped with a thermostat and covered with a coating for easy cleaning.
Remove the milk warmer when the milk reaches the right temperature. Put the lid on and feed the warmed milk to the calves.
Mixing is essential in both cases. When cow’s milk is warmed and left for some time, the fat will rise to the surface. But you are going to dispense the milk from the bottom so the last serving will contain the highest amount of fat. You should therefore mix the milk before feeding.
Rinse the mixer with warm water every day after each feed and clean it with an alkaline detergent once a week. We advise you to store the mixer with the lid off during the day. This will allow the barrel to dry and keep it clean.


Heigth 112 cm
Width 61 cm
Weight 37 kg
Capacity 110 Liters
Motor 220 Volt