Calf teat for ECF Milk Feeders

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Benefits of this calf teat:

  • Most natural sucking action (one sucking movement for each gulp of milk), similar to under the cow.
  • The milk is drunk slowly due to the “open connection” with the milk in the bucket.
  • Forceful sucking and a natural drinking position result in a good oesophageal groove reflex.
  • The milk arrives in the right place (in the fourth stomach instead of the rumen).
  • This prevents ruminal drinking.
  • Optimal saliva production increases the calf’s immunity.
  • Saliva has a positive effect on the digestion.
  • Saliva keeps the pH stable, which prevents acidosis (no scour).
  • Improved lactose intake.
  • Better growth.

This teat fits in the openings of the ECF Milk Feeders, as well as on all other group bars and Milk Bar feeders.