ECF1 Milk Feeder Green transparent with blue lid

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A transparent bucket with a lid.
Want to see from a distance whether the calves have been drinking well? Now you can with this transparent teat bucket.

  • Easy to clean due to no edges and corners
  • Pacifier hidden in the bucket wall
  • The inside is smooth and flat
  • Slow teat for a lot of saliva production
  • Therefore no nutritional diarrhea, and no rumen drinkers.
  • Teat can be changed quickly and easily

Do not lift the lid first to see it. The big advantage of our transparent bucket is that it has a slow teat. This teat is hidden in the wall of the bucket. That is patented. This makes the inside completely smooth and flat. No more edges or corners where milk residues can accumulate. The teat immediately rinses with the washing of the bucket. Because the teat is open from the back. So it has an open connection to the milk in the bucket. The calf is challenged to suck the milk from the bucket. As a result, a slow milk flow, no chance of choking and a lot of saliva production.

Calves in a single box have no competition. This way they can get used to the short slow pacifier. Start doing this as soon as possible after the colostrum. The milk comes slowly. That’s the purpose. Usually the milk is not completely used up the first time. That’s okay. Remove that milk and wait for the next feeding. The calf is then fit and hungry. The next feeding is going a lot better. The trick is not to make nutritional mistakes. So the slower the better.

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Height 26,5 cm
Width 32 cm
Volume 9 liters
Tip: it is also a good idea to number the buckets and pens.