ECF1 Milk Feeder Pink with pink lid

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The benefits of the Wennemars ECF1 milk feeder:

  • easy to clean = hygienic
  • teat incorporated in the wall = simpler and faster to clean
  • sloping base = less leftover milk
  • closable lid = no flies, cats, straw or other unwanted visitors
  • changing teats is very easy = saves time and easy to do
  • slow milk flow = plentiful saliva 
  • reduced use of antibiotics, reduced calf mortality and better growth = makes the work more enjoyable



Height 26,5 cm
Width 32 cm
Volume 9 liters
Tip: Use a new teat after the colostrum phase. The milk will be dispensed slowly, which is good. Leave the bucket in place. Once the calf has found the teat by itself, it will be able to do so again. Calves will search for the teat instinctively.