ECF6 Adaptor (standard)

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Why use an adaptor instead of hooks?
• The adaptor ensures that the teat is 60 to 70 cm above the ground, irrespective of the fence.
• It prevents the ECF6 drink bar from sliding sideways. It cannot fall off the fence as it is locked in position.

It may not always be possible to feed the calves in the same group pen. In that case, we advise you to buy multiple adaptors, one for each pen.
However, do make sure that each group of calves has its own ECF6 drink bar and that it stays with the group. Why? The teat will last long enough to wean a single calf. If one and the same ECF6 drink bar is used for feeding two or more groups, the teat will wear out too quickly.
What risks does this carry?
1. The health effects will be lost = milk is drunk too quickly, too little saliva is produced
2. The milk flow will be too fast = risk of calves sucking on each other
The ECF6 adaptor (standard) is suitable for all sorts of fences with a maximum height of 1.15 to 1.20 metres. If the height of your fence exceeds 1.20 metres, you’ll need the ECF6 adaptor (extra).



Width 70 cm
Weight 5 kg
Srew Incl. mounting set