ECF6 Milk Feeder Green with blue lid

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The Wennemars ECF6 drink bar, what is new?

  • the teats are incorporated in the wall of the bucket = quick and easy to clean = patented
  • the teats are in a socket = smooth and even on the inside and the teat outlet is always in the correct position
  • the teats are easy to change = saves time and makes the work enjoyable
  • height adjustable = adaptor ensures that the teat is always 60 to 70 cm above the ground
  • cannot be pushed off the fence by the calves = adaptor ensures that it is locked in one place and cannot slide sideways
  • operable with one hand = can be mounted on the adaptor quickly and easily using the spreader rod
  • closable lid = no flies, cats, straw or other unwanted visitors
  • slow milk flow and plentiful saliva = improved health and better growth

Price includes lid and adaptor and excludes teats.



Height 37 cm
Width 35 cm
Volume 35 liters
Weight 4,5 kg
Tip: As soon as the calves move to the group, transfer the teat from the ECF1 Milk Feeder to the ECF6 Milk Feeder, which is the group bar. Close the remaining holes with an ECF plug.