Handle for the ECF1 Milk Feeder

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Would you like to have a handle on the ECF1 teat bucket?
The ECF1 teat bucket is delivered without a handle. This is because on many farms the milk is carried to the calves using a milk taxi. In which case, it is useful to leave the buckets in place with the calves. This way, the bucket and the calf stay together.
However, if you would like to carry the milk in the ECF1 teat bucket, we will fit it with a handle.

The ECF1 teat bucket can be fitted with a handle.

  • Drill a 5 mm hole at the spot indicated.
  • Insert the handle and slide the quick fastener behind it.

Tip: The ECF1 teat buckets can be stacked alternately so that multiple (empty) buckets can be carried at the same time.


Handle with Starlock rings