Trusti Tuber Starter Pack

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The TRUSTI-TUBER starter pack consists of a 4 litre calf bottle with valve, Trusti-Tuber drenching attachment plus a cap and Teat nipple. Interchange the tuber attachment with the nipple and cap to use as a calf bottle.

The Trusti-tuber  was developed by vets and farmers to solve concerns around calf safety, calf comfort and usability with traditional oesophagal feeders.  The cap comes with a Quality teat nipple for optimum bottle feeding and offers a quick transition between nipple and tuber. The Trusti-Tuber not only prevents bruising and injury to your calf, it also makes the procedure easier for you. The feeder bottle is designed with all of the features requested by farmers to ensure ultimate ease of use. The cap has a Quality Teat for optimum bottle feeding and leads to a quick transition between nipple and tuber.

  • Flexible tube can be held in place with one hand
  •  Large 4 litre capacity bottle.
  • Transparent flexible tube makes it easy to clean and monitor flow
  • Ergonomic bottle handle – perfect for large and small hands
  • Reliable valve – fast flow even with thick colostrum
  • Shown in trials to almost halve feeding time